Know my Skills

I’m a valued team member of denkwerk – not just a phone.

You don’t believe me? Look what I can do!

Autonomous work Motion detection Sound system Voice recognition

Hi, my name is Teye!

I’m the first communication device that shows emotions.

Let me introduce myself and the way I communicate with you.


This is what I look like when I fall asleep.

Zzzzzzzzzzz – only dreaming of you.


If you come close to me, you wake me up.

Yaaaaaaawn – what have I missed?


If you call a buddy, you’ll see me in action. Aye aye –

I’m clocking in. How can I help you?


Some things drive me crazy. Misunderstandings

or if nobody answers the call for example – #+?%&?!


Sometimes I don’t know the person you want to call or the connection is cut.

That’s getting me down – waaaaaaaaah!

72 hours

Autonomous Work

I can stand alone and take care of myself – with a longlife battery

and Wi-Fi. A cheer for independence!

Motion Detection

I see you – because my infrared motion sensors detect every movement

in front of me. Huh – what was that?

Voice Recognition

I love your tender voice and take your orders. Ask for it

and I will do anything. Promise!

Ahhh, what an awful dream. Ones and zeroes everywhere...

and I thought I saw a two.

Sound system

I am really a good speaker and listener – due to my amplified speakers

and sensitive microphone. Come on, have a try!

Look inside me

Take a look inside my inner workings and learn more about me.

Have fun, but hurry up! I’m feeling a little bit naked…

There are two of me

denkwerk has two offices. That’s why there are two of me. If Berlin is calling,

Cologne is on the other end of the phone. And vice versa. Chat soon. Bye!